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    30 Days of Summer Break Doctor Who Day 28

     Day 28: Name a Whoism that you use in real life.

    I say “Spoilers” and “Hello, sweetie” a lot! And not just because I cosplay River! I always feel just a bit more sassy when I’m quoting River.

    I also like to tell people I see wearing bowties that bowties are cool.

    And then I just walk away, wondering if they got it or not.


~Letters from the TARDIS~

I like Doctor Who. A lot. I also enjoy the weather, my home state (Texas), and laughing at how weird life can be.

“……..Who the hell would call the house phone number at 1:30 AM?…. holyfucktheSilence…-cocks shotgun and buries self in blanket- Come and get me, alien scum…..O______O” ~ overconfidence-and-a-screwdriver


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